VisitOulu has launched a new Northern Tourism Route ("Pohjolan rengastie"), including several different route options and dozens of experience products offered by tourism companies in different parts of the region. The route covers nine different tourist areas in the Oulu region: the City of Oulu, Syöte, Rokua Geopark, Kalajoki, Raahe, Liminka, Kempele, Ii and Hailuoto island.

In this summer, Saaga Travel will carry out day trips to the new Northern Tourism Route destinations for six weeks from 28 June to 8 August 2021, starting on the Monday after Midsummer. The destinations of the day trips are Kierikki Stone Age Center, Turkansaari outdoor museum, Liminka Bay, Raahe, Rokua Geopark, Manamansalo, Kalajoki, Hailuoto island, Syöte and Koitelinkoski rapids. You can bring your own bike to some of the destinations.

Day trips are sold at (currently the products are in Finnish only) Saaga Travel webshop.

New tourism service development in Oulu Region

In the spring, Saaga Travel piloted day trip buses to Koitelinkoski rapids and Liminka Bay. We gained good experience and feedback from these. Other Oulu region destinations also wanted similar tour buses to their own areas. Many destinations in the Oulu region are difficult to reach without your own car. It is also in line with sustainable tourism to favor public transport.

At Saaga Travel, we see the new Northern Tourism Route as an important new opening for tourism in the Oulu region. The new Tourism Route enables a wide range of new product development for both domestic and international tourists. This summer's day trip program is one concrete way to experience the new Tourism Route and improve the accessibility of the Oulu Tourist Area.

The summer week program highlights many lesser-known or hard-to-reach destinations. Many sites have also developed new services for the summer and tour bus.

In Syöte, Rokua, Manamansalo and Hailuoto, the bus also operates within the area during the day, which allows you to visit several different destinations during the day.

In Syöte, the bus enables access to the starting point of the Rytivaara day hiking route. There is also a mere Syöte internal transition for sale, allowing customers to leave their car at the Syöte Visitor Center, move to the starting point of the Rytivaara route and make a longer overnight hike in Syöte National Park.

In Raahe, an island cruise, a kayaking trip and a SUP school are offered according to the bus schedules, while in Hailuoto, there is a beach guided physical exercise, a lighthouse visit and a brewery tour. Kierikki, Liminka Bay and Turkansaari offer public guided tours in accordance with the bus schedule. Bicycles and other equipment can be rented at several locations. You can also bring your own bike to Liminka Bay, Rokua, Manamansalo and Syöte.

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