Jouluinen ostosmatka Ikeaan Oulusta 16.12.


Ikeaan ja kohti joulun tunnelmaa? Matka on ajoitettu lauantaille viikkoa ennen jouluaattoa, ehdit vielä hyvin hankkia joululahjoja ja löytää ihania joulusomisteita. Kenties pääset hyödyntämään mukavia jouluetujakin. Päivämatkalla on myös mukava nautiskella Ikean ihania jouluherkkuja ja tuoda omaan joulupöytääsi ruotsalaisia jouluruokia.

Matkan hintaan sisältyy kuljetus Oulu–Ikea Haaparanta–Oulu.

The trip takes place on Saaga Travel's large tourist bus.

To make sure your trip takes place, book your seat by 12:00 on the Thursday before departure. If the trip is on sale after 12:00 on Thursday, the trip will take place. 

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Jouluinen ostosmatka Oulusta Ikeaan 16.12.2023

Route and schedule

8.30 Liminka, Liminganportti

8.40 Kempele, Zeppelin express bus stop

9.00 Oulu bus station, charter bus platform

  • Linnankatu, bus stop Kuvernööri
  • Merikoskenkatu (express stop)
  • Ritaharju, bus stop Ritaharjun ramppi P

11.00 arrival at IKEA (Finnish time). Immediately after arriving in IKEA , the bus can take passengers also to shop in other shops such as ICA Max.

Shopping time 4 hours.

15.00 (Finnish time) departure from Haparanda.

17.00 Oulu

17.30 Liminka

Please note, that the payments are made at self-service checkouts, so you will need a card in order to pay. Currently, there is only one till with cashier, and payments can be made in euro or Swedish crowns, but you will receive your change in crowns. 

Terms and conditions

1. Minimum number of participants and Saaga Travel's right to cancel the trip

The realization of the trip requires a minimum number of participants. If the minimum number of participants is not met by 12 noon on Thursday before the departure date, Saaga Travel will cancel the trip. In this case, we will notify you immediately of the cancellation by email and we will refund the payment in full.

If the minimum number of participants has been met and the trip takes place, the sale of the trip will continue until the moment of departure.

2. The customer's right to cancel a trip they have already purchased

The customer has the right to cancel the booking. If a trip already purchased is canceled by the customer no later than three days before departure, we will withhold a cancellation fee of EUR 10 and refund the balance of the amount paid.

If canceled by the customer three days before date of departure or later, no fee will be refunded.

We recommend to have a travel insurance, which covers cancellation and accidents and illnesses during the trip.

3. Refunds

Payment refunds are made by the payment intermediary Paytrail. The payment will be returned to the original payment method. Usually, the refund is automatic. If the refund is not successful automatically, Paytrail will contact the customer and inquire about the refund account.



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