Maakinen boating trip to Röyttä Island on 11 June 2023


Experience a Maakinen boating trip to Röyttä Island on Sunday, June 11!

Come and enjoy the summer day in the beautiful archipelago of the Bothnian Bay! The multiartistic event Maakinen Martinniemi offers a unique boating trip from Martinniemi to Röyttä Island on Sunday, June 11.

The day starts with a Saaga Travel bus from Oulu, and at the Martinniemi port, we will hop into Sea Oulu's new water taxis. You can explore the Röyttä Island through a three-kilometre-long nature trail.

On the island, you also get to experience singer-songwriter Jukka Takalo's solo gig by the sea. After returning to the mainland, you can have something to eat (at your own expense) in Martinniemi's Kerhola, where the afternoon ends with Mikko Koskela's gig and a discussion on the daymarks, lighthouses and old maps of the Bothnian Bay.

The excursion starts from the charter bus platform of the Oulu bus station on a Saaga Travel bus at 10:30. The bus heads back to Oulu from Martinniemi’s Kerhola at 16:00, and we will be back in Oulu at around 16:30.

Please dress according to the weather. In case of rain, there is also rain shelter at the island. Coffee / refreshments will be served on the island, but your own picnic snacks and especially a water bottle are recommended.

The excursion has a weather reservation: in case of a storm or strong wind, the excursion will not be organized (the money for the paid excursion will be returned to the customer). The possible cancellation will be notified by email in the morning of June 11.

Price: 49 €.

The excursion includes bus transportation Oulu–Martiniemi–Oulu, boat transportation Martinniemi–Röyttä Island–Martinniemi, gigs by Jukka Takalo and Mikko Koskela, and coffee/refreshments. The price is the same whether you join the bus transportation or not.

Book your trip soon, there are limited amount of tickets available!

The trip is organized in cooperation with the Oulu Cultural Events Association, Maakinen Martinniemi event, Saaga Travel and Sea Oulu.

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10.30 Departure from Oulu bus station
11.30 departure by boat to Ii Röyttä from Martinniemi fishing port (Luotsiasemantie 83)
12.00 getting to know the island
13.15 Jukka Takalo's solo gig and coffee
13.45 return by boat to Martinniemi
14:30 Mikko Koskela's gig and dining at Martinniemi's Kerhola
15.00 Bothnian Bay lighthouses and old maps - discussion in Kerhola
16.00 return to Oulu
16:30 back in Oulu

Terms and conditions

1. Saaga Travel's right to cancel the trip

The excursion has a weather reservation. The trip is canceled in the event of a storm or strong wind. The notice of trip cancellation is made by the Oulu Cultural Events Association by e-mail by 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the trip. If the trip is cancelled, we will refund the payment in full.

2. The customer's right to cancel a trip they have already purchased

The customer has the right to cancel the booking. If a trip already purchased is canceled by the customer no later than three days before departure, we will withhold a cancellation fee of EUR 10 and refund the balance of the amount paid.

If canceled by the customer three days before date of departure or later, no fee will be refunded.

We recommend to have a travel insurance, which covers cancellation and accidents and illnesses during the trip.

3. Refunds

Payment refunds are made by the payment intermediary Paytrail. The payment will be returned to the original payment method. Usually, the refund is automatic. If the refund is not successful automatically, Paytrail will contact the customer and inquire about the refund account.

4. Disclosure of information

By purchasing a trip, the customer accepts the transfer of reservation information (name, email address, phone number, information about participating in bus transportation) to the Oulu Cultural Events Association, the Maakinen Martinniemi event and Sea Oulu. The booking information is used to produce the program and check the right to participate. The data will not be passed on and the data will be destroyed after the event.

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