Syöte Autumn Adventure Weekend 8.-10.10.2021


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Syöte Autumn Adventure Weekend is an experience designed for international and internationally-minded students. It takes place in the heart of Syöte fell located in the middle of untouched Finnish nature.

The price includes transportation by bus from Oulu, accommodation in the new KIDE Hotel with breakfast and sauna, Husky Farm visit, and a guided tour to Hotel Iso-Syöte with the Skywalk panorama terrace.

On top of that you can choose biking activities and a Reindeer Life -experience for an extra cost. Or if you like, you can just explore the beautiful nature by yourself by hiking or biking and enjoying the good company.

Read more about Syöte Autumn Adventure Weekend and the Terms & Conditions in the Additional Information section below.

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Price 149 €/person includes :

  • round bus trip from Oulu to Syöte
  • Accommodation for 2 nights (Fri-Sun) in shared 3 person rooms in Hotel KIDE with breakfast (Sat-Sun) and an evening sauna (Fri-Sat)
  • Trip to Husky farm with juice/coffee/tea and bun
  • Guided tour in Hotel Iso-Syöte and Skywalk

Package price does not include:

  • Biking activities
  • Reindeer Life -experience
  • Meals and catering
  • Personal travel insurance


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Additional information

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Overview of the Syöte Autumn Adventure Weekend Program

Your Syöte Autumn Adventure Weekend starts at noon on Friday, when we will hop on to the bus and start our jounrney to Syöte area. We will first make a stop for grocery shopping in Pudasjärvi. Then we head to the Husky farm where you can learn about the huskies, pet them and take a ton of photos. Juice, coffee/tea and bun are included in the visit.

After the huskies we check in to the new KIDE Hotel. Hotel has a sauna which you can use both nights between 18:00-21:00. On Friday evening you are welcome to join us to Luppovesi campfire where you can enjoy the autumn vibes and have a little evening picnic if you wish – bring your own sausages, snacks and drinks! This is also a good spot to see the Northern Lights!

On Saturday we start the day with breakfast which is available both mornings 8:00-10:00 and is included in the price. At 10:00 start the first guided bike safaris for those who have selected them (second one starts at 14:00). You can also choose to visit the Syöte Visitor Centre or just wander in the wild. There are easy access nature trails for hiking in the Syöte National Park which have a starting point next to the Visitor Centre.

At 13:00 we have a guided tour in Hotel Iso-Syöte with their famous Skywalk which has a fantastic view over Syöte area.

In the afternoon we have the Reindeer Life -experience for those who have selected it. Reindeer herder Esa takes us on a hike around Hanhilampi pond, telling stories about reindeer, accompanied by a reindeer. He is also going to teach us how to make campfire and how to lasso a reindeer. After a hard days work we enjoy coffee and sausages by open fire. In the evening you can go to sauna at the hotel and get to know Syöte night life e.g. in Tunturi Pub which is near the hotel.

On Sunday we will have a lazy morning and enjoy the breakfast before checking out from the hotel at 12:00 and heading back to Oulu.


Friday 8th
12:00 Departure from Oulu bus station
12:30 Departure from Linnanmaa (St. Lucas Chapel)
13:45-14:30 Grocery shopping in Pudasjärvi
15:30-16:30 Husky farm visit
17:00 Arrival at KIDE Hotel and checking in
18:00-21:00 Sauna
19:00-21:00 Luppovesi campfire
Saturday 9th
8:00-11:00 Breakfast
10:00-12:30 Guided bike Safaris
12:45-14:00 Hotel Iso-Syöte with Skywalk
14:00-16:30 Guided Bike Safaris
14:45-18:00 Reindeer Life in Hanhilampi Camp
18:00-21:00 Sauna
Sunday 10th
8:00-11:00 Breakfast
12:00 Check out from the hotel and departure back to Oulu
14:00 Arrival to Linnanmaa
14:30 Arrival to Oulu bus station

We reserve the right for program changes.

KIDE Hotel

KIDE Hotel is in the heart of the Iso-Syöte ski resort, leaning to the Syöte National Park. The brand-new hotel features functional and beautiful Scandinavian style rooms, each having its own bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony facing to breathtaking fell scenery. The hotel restaurant Tovaglia serves Italian flavors mixed with Scandinavian style delicacies.

Other Services

There is a small grocery shop and a pub near the hotel. Bring your own snacks and drinks to hiking trails and the evening campfire.

About Iso-Syöte

Iso-Syöte is the southernmost fell in Finland. It is located in Pudasjärvi in Northern Ostrobothnia, close to the Lapland border. The distance from Oulu is about 140 kilometers. The peak of Iso-Syöte rises above the tree line, 432 meters above sea level.

The word syöte is Sámi and means a holy place. When the Sámi inhabited the area, they considered Iso-Syöte a place of sacrifice and worship.

Syöte Autumn Adventure Weekend Activities

Biking activities:

Bike Park Package 3h: 58€

In Bike Park the idea is that you go up with a lift and down by bike. There are trails both for beginners and more pro cyclers. The self-guided Bike Park package Includes lift ticket, bike and equipment for 3h. This package is recommended for those who already have previous experience of downhill cycling.

Get To Know Bike Park -course: 75€

You will learn from the downhill cycling everything you need to enjoy and to experience the joys of riding in a bike park. The guidance goes through driving techniques, bike control in the training area and finally we’ll take the lift to the top of the fell and take the Bike Park main route down.

Duration of guidance: 60-120min / group. 4-8 people/ group. Includes lift ticket and bike.

E-Fatbike safari – 40 € / person

With Safari, you can experience the nature of Iso-Syöte with a guide and at the same time learn the basic techniques of mountain biking.

Duration 100min / group. 4-10 people / group.

Fatbike safari – 35 € / person

With Safari, you can experience the nature of Iso-Syöte with a guide and at the same time learn the basic techniques of mountain biking.

Duration 100min / group. 4-10 people / group.

Self-guided biking

You can also rent biking gear from Iso-Syöte rental or Hotel Iso-Syöte Bike Rental Shop and have a cycling trip on your own. There are good marked mountain biking routes in Syöte area.

Reindeer Life – 29€

Reindeer herder Esa takes you on a hike around Hanhilampi pond, telling stories about reindeer, accompanied by a reindeer (or a few). He will teach you how to make a campfire and how to lasso a reindeer. After that you can enjoy coffee and sausages by open fire in Hanhilampi hut.

Syöte National Park invites you on an adventure!

Syöte National Park was established in 2000 to protect the valuable natural features of the wooded hills. In the deep wilderness of the national park, many threatened species, such as the Siberian flying squirrel, the golden eagle, large carnivore species, and the delicate yellow marsh saxifrage have a chance to thrive.

There are about 122 km of marked trails in Syöte National Park.

Trails we recommend:

Naavaparta Trail (Naavaparran polku)

  • 3 km, Circle Trail (1-2 h)
  • Starting point: Syöte Visitor Centre

Teerivaara Trail (Teerivaaran kierros)

  • 4.5 km, Circle Trail (3-4 h)
  • Starting point: Syöte Visitor Centre

Peak trail (Huippupolku)

  • 1 km, Circle Trail (30 min)
  • Starting point: Hotel Iso-Syöte parking area

Syöte Visitor Centre – Gate to the National Park

The Syöte Visitor Centre, which is located deep in an old-growth forest and 2 km from KIDE Hotel, boasts a fascinating exhibition that presents the natural features and cultural history of the area. In Syöte Visitor Centre you can get up-to-date hiking tips, see free nature films, buy nature-themed souvenirs and gifts, and enjoy soup lunch or a lovely cup of coffee in Café Korppi.

Visitor Centre is open daily 10:00-17:00 until the end of October.

Terms and cancellation

Saaga Travel Ltd. is the responsible tour operator of the trip.

The general travel package conditions and Saaga Travel’s special conditions apply to the trip. Read the terms on our website (in Finnish: contact us if you need English version) before buying the trip.

The combination of travel services offered to you is a travel package within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302. Therefore, you are subject to all EU rights regarding package travel. Saaga Travel is fully responsible for the proper implementation of the entire travel package. In addition, Saaga Travel has acquired the protection required by law to refund your payment and, if transportation is included in the travel package, to secure your return transportation in the event that the company becomes insolvent. Read about the most important rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on our website (in Finnish; contact us if you need the English version).

Terms of cancellation

The passenger has the right to cancel the trip at any time before the start of the trip. In this case, a cancellation fee will be charged as follows:

a) Office costs € 15 when the trip is canceled no later than 45 days before the start of the trip
b) a booking fee of 30% of the price of the trip if the trip is canceled later than 45 days but no later than 21 days before the start of the trip
c) 50% of the price of the trip if the trip is canceled later than 21 days but no later than 7 days before the start of the trip
d) 75% of the price of the trip if the trip is canceled later than 7 days but no later than 3 days before the start of the trip
e) 95% of the price of the trip if the trip is canceled later than 3 days before the start of the trip.

Further information:

Saaga Travel Ltd, tel +358 0(40) 826 2345, [email protected]

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