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Tivoli Finland tour arrives in Kempele in the Zatelliitti area for the entire summer from May 27 to August 6, 2023. The Tivoli bus transports Tivoli customers daily on the route Nallikari – Oulu center – Zeppelin shopping center – Tivoli.

The price of the trip from Oulu to Kempele or from Kempele to Oulu is €5 / one way. The price of the trip Zeppelin – Tivoli or Tivoli – Zeppelin is €2 / one way.

The Tivoli bus ticket price is €5/ one way. You can buy the ticket on the bus either by card or cash, or online at Saaga Travel's Webshop.

A ticket purchased at the Webshop is valid for any Tivoli Bus departure.

When buying from the Webshop, the confirmation you receive to your email address serves as a ticket. Show the ticket you received to the driver. The driver activates the ticket. Read further instructions at the bottom of the page. NOTE! Do not activate the ticket yourself! The activated ticket is void and will not be refunded. 

See the Tivoli Bus schedule further down on this page.


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Additional information

Tivoli Bus Schedule

You can board the Tivoli Bus from any stop along the route by waving your hand.

Route: Nallikari (in front of Eden) - Hietasaarentie - Bertel Jungin tie - Merikoskenkatu - Torikatu - Puistokatu - Limingantie - via Lentokentätie to motorway and from there via Zeppelin shopping centre to Tivoli.

* The Zeppelin stop is between the E and D entrances.

Weekdays Mon-Fri
Nallikari  (Eden) Pekuri, E Zeppelin* Tivoli
 14.05 14.15 14.35 14.40
 15.05 15.15 15.35 15.40
 16.05 16.15 16.35 16.40
 17.05 17.15 17.35 17.40
Tivoli Zeppelin* Pekuri, P Nallikari (Eden)
18.00 18.05 18.25 18.35
19.00 19.05 19.25 19.35
20.00 20.05 20.25 20.35
21.00 21.05 21.25 21.35
Nallikari (Eden) Pekuri, E Zeppelin* Tivoli
 11.05 11.15 11.35 11.40
 12.05 12.15 12.35 12.40
 13.05 13.15 13.35 13.40
 14.05 14.15 14.35 14.40
 15.35 15.45 16.05 16.10
 16.55 17.05 17.25 17.30
18.15 18.25 18.45 18.50
Tivoli Zeppelin* Pekuri, P Nallikari (Eden)
14.45 14.50 15.10 15.20
16.15 16.20 16.40 16.50
17.30 17.35 17.55 18.05
18.50 18.55 19.15 19.25
20.00 20.05 20.25 20.35
21.05 21.10 21.30 21.40

Activating and forwarding the ticket

After payment, you will receive an order confirmation in your email.

Press the "Katso matkalippu" ("View ticket") button in the confirmation message. The travel ticket opens in the browser.

If you want to forward the ticket, copy the url and forward it.

Show the mobile ticket to the driver. The driver activates the ticket by pressing the "Aktivoi lippu" ("Activate ticket") button.

Do not press the "Aktivoi lippu" ("Activate ticket") button yourself. The activated ticket is void and will not be refunded.

Terms and conditions

A Tivoli Bus ticket purchased online is valid for any Tivoli Bus departure.

The ticket is one-way.

The link to the mobile ticket is in the order confirmation email. The driver activates the mobile ticket when boarding. The passenger may not activate the ticket him/her/themself.

The activated ticket is invalid. If the customer activates the ticket before boarding, the ticket will not be refunded.

You cannot cancel a ticket that has already been purchased. There is no refund for an unused ticket.

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Oulu – Kempele tai Kempele – Oulu 5 €/suunta, Zeppelin – Tivoli tai Tivoli – Zeppelin 2 €/suunta

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