Sustainable Travel

Saaga Travel – towards Sustainable Travel

Saaga Travel Oy has received the Travelife Partner recognition of sustainable tourism as the first company in its area of operation in Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland, Northern Finland. Read more in our press release. 

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As a company, we aim to move step by step towards a more responsible and sustainable operation in tourism. Saaga Travel's responsibility program includes both long- and short-term goals, the guidelines of which are based on Finnish legislation, the principles of sustainable development, and the principles of national sustainable travel set by Visit Finland.

Our mission is to produce high-quality and safe trips where aspects of sustainable development are taken into account both in our own operations and those of our partners. As a tour operator, we strive to use local services and products as much as possible, support local businesses and regional organizations, and follow the guidelines and regulations regarding sustainable development in all our activities.

Our personnel is committed to making our trips experiences that respect the principles of responsibility, save natural resources, guide our customers to make responsible actions and choices, and favor local business activities and well-being.

 Our responsibility program consists of three themes:

In the cause of better travel – towards responsible tourism

Developing our own operations towards responsible tourism

Guiding customers towards sustainable development

When choosing partners, the values of sustainable development, locality and well-being are taken into account

For a better nature - towards responsible tourism

We take into account issues related to nature and the climate in our operations, both for our own operations and for our customers and partners.

We prefer local operators, producers from nearby areas, as well as companies and partners that manufacture domestic services or products.

For better cooperation - towards responsible travel

We treat our employees, partners, customers and residents of our region with equality and respect, regardless of their background.

We communicated openly to our stakeholders, our customers and our employees about the responsibility measures in our company and at our sites.

We are a good and reliable partner that develops its operations towards responsible tourism profitably, safely and ethically.


In the responsibility program, the long-term plan is in the year 2027. In 2027, we will be a tourism operator of sustainable development, which systematically implements the measures defined in the responsibility program and also serves as an example for other companies in the region.

In cooperation, we emphasize responsible operation

The cornerstone of our agreements is to choose as partners companies that follow the principles of responsibility and responsibly produced products and services.

Saaga Travel conducts its operations in an ethical, socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our responsibility program covers principles regarding business ethics, nature, the working community, working conditions and human rights. Our responsibility program applies to all our employees and our business operations.

In subcontracting and partner relationships, we emphasize the same rules and principles. We strive to cooperate with operators who respect the same values of responsibility and act responsibly, respecting the environment and people.

Nature conservation, sustainable development, locality and nurturing cultural heritage are part of Saaga Travel's responsible operations. Human rights, justice, equality, health, safety, anti-bribery and corruption, as well as fair pay for the work done, are part of Saaga Travel's responsibility program.

One of Saaga Travel's principles of responsibility is that a child can be a child. We do not accept child labor, child abuse, neglect or abuse in any form.

In Saaga Travel's responsibility program, animals also have the right to a good life. We do not accept animal abuse, mistreatment or poor living conditions.

We do not allow the purchase of souvenirs that contain endangered species of flora and fauna, illegally obtained historical/archaeological artefacts, drugs or illegal substances, and we comply with local and international laws to prevent this.