Skibus Ukohalla


The Ukkohalla Ski Bus offers easy access to the slopes from Oulu! The price includes a round trip from Oulu to Ukkohalla. Grab a lift + travel ticket if you wish.

The trip will take place if there are at least 10 coming. If the trip is canceled, we will refund or postpone your ticket to the next trip.

Route and timetable

7.30 Oulu, bus station)
7.45 Kempele, ABC Zeppelin
8.00 Liminka, Neste Liminganportti
8.15 Tyrnävä, S-Market
8.40 Muhos, linja-autoasema
9,00 Utajärvi, SALE
10.15 Ukkohalla

Back to Oulu at 17.

You can choose just a bus trip or bus and a daily ticket. Payment can be done via major bank cards or Finnish online banks.