Saaga Travel expands to Rovaniemi, Lapland

Saaga Travel is expanding its operations to Rovaniemi. Saaga Travel has bought the entire share capital of Tilausajo VM Mikkola Oy from Rovaniemi in a transaction dated 30.09.2022. With this deal, Saaga Travel strengthens its service offering in the entire region of Lapland.

- We have been exploring the possibilities of expanding our operations in Lapland for some time. The transaction made now enables a more efficient offering of our own travel products to international customers as well as a more comprehensive service for our domestic customers, Business Director of Saaga Travel Pekka Kimpimäki says.

- At the moment, the growth of our international customer demand is strongly directed towards the Lapland region. From Rovaniemi, we are able to serve our customers more flexibly and efficiently, Saaga Travel's head of international business Johanna Salmela says.

The purchased company will continue as its own company for the time being, but will operate under the Saaga Travel brand.

Saaga Travel Ltd. is a travel service company founded in June 2019 and owned by entrepreneur families from Oulu, Northern Finland. All entrepreneurs work in the company. The cornerstones of the company's business operations are passenger transport services and travel packages for domestic and international customers. The company's head office is in Oulu.

In a short time, the company has achieved a significant position in the charter bus market in the Oulu economic area.

- The company's beginnings have been really rocky. COVID struck just at the worst time, when we were taking the company's first steps. Now the situation already looks much brighter and that's why we dared to take this next step written into our strategy, the company's CEO Sanna Kimpimäki says.

Further information:

CEO Sanna Kimpimäki, +358 40 652 1044
Business Director Pekka Kimpimäki, +358 40 652 1065
International Sales Manager Johanna Salmela, +358 40 826 2345


Saaga Travel CEO Sanna Kimpimäki and Tilausajo VM Mikkola Oy entrepreneur Veli-Matti Mikkola confirmed the acquisition on September 30, 2022 in Oulu.