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Sales service: [email protected], puh. 08 655 5100 

Saaga Travel Ltd.
Hakatie 15
FI-90440 Kempele

Business ID 2213373-6

Our staff

Pentti Tiitinen
puh. 040 652 1082
[email protected]

Jari-Pekka Kokkonen
puh.  040 652 1084
[email protected]

Kimmo Kokkonen
puh.  040 652 1085
[email protected]

Pekka Kimpimäki
puh. 040 652 1065
[email protected]

Sanna Kimpimäki
puh. 040 652 1044
[email protected]

Johanna Salmela
puh. 040 826 2345
[email protected]

Petri Luokkanen (huolto)
puh.  040 652 1089
[email protected]

Billing information

We have moved to electronic purchase invoice processing. Therefore, please send all invoices addressed to us as e-invoices to the following address:

E-invoice address: 003722133736
Operator ID: 003708599126
Operator: Liaison Technologies Oy

If you are unable to submit invoices as e-invoices, please submit the invoices on paper to:

Saaga Travel Oy,
Hakatie 15,
FI-90440 Kempele

Invoices can also be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

Lisätietoja antaa Sanna Kimpimäki, [email protected], p.040 652 1044